The fifth Ultimate Skin has been announced for League of Legends, and this time it’s for everyone’s favorite bounty hunter: Miss Fortune.

The Gun Goddess skin takes a sci-fi spin on this swashbuckling lass and will feature four different exosuit variations that allow players to switch up their abilities during the match. These variations will be interchangeable due to a skin-specific interface when summoners are at the fountain and enables players to customize their play style depending on their mood and preferences.

According to a press release from Riot Games, the four exosuits are as follows:

  • Scarlet Fair (Base): Built by Miss Fortune from her father’s blueprints, this highly-modified suit can fire a rotating barrage of bullets, antimatter tank shells, missiles, and antipersonnel flak discharges.
  • Zero Hour: A gravity-resistant exosuit and so-called ‘black hole gun.’ Fires spheres of super-condensed dark matter.
  • Starswarm: A banned exosuit that utilizes creatures born from exploding suns to melt Miss Fortune’s enemies.
  • Royal Arms: Capable of wiping out an entire fleet with its rapid-fire antimatter warheads, only a few of these suits were ever produced due to their immense destructive power.

This new release is currently live on the PBE and will be launched on the servers starting March 22nd. The Gun Goddess skin will also be available for purchase individually or as part of a bundle, for 2775 and 3500 RP respectively.

The lore for this special Miss Fortune skin is as follows:

Shot and left for dead as a young girl, Sarah Fortune used her father’s last remaining weapon blueprint to develop an exosuit of unrivaled power—installing an AI of her own design to make the platform intelligent—and began a bloody quest of revenge as she hunted down her would-be killers. Known throughout the galaxy as the most dangerous woman alive, she is respected and feared as the Gun Goddess.