From today, up until April 3, 2018, EVE Online players can join New Eden’s biggest hunt to find and eliminate the fearsome Guristas Pirates. Search for derelict capsules across New Eden at special event sites before the Guristas claim them, and you’ll get exclusive rewards: Cerebral Accelerators, a Damage Modifier module, Boosters, and Hunter’s Quiver SKINs.

The Guristas, one of the most notorious pirate organizations in EVE Online, are stealing pilot capsules across New Eden, aiming to use this expensive technology to further their own cloning agenda. Players must defeat the pirates, complete challenges within the event sites, and collect derelict capsules before they are stolen. Once pilots plot a course to the nearest site, undock, and warp to that location, they can take on all Guristas Pirates they come across, collect empty capsules in the Facilities, and turn them in before the pirates do.

“EVE Online players will really enjoy all the exclusive rewards they can earn while battling the Guristas,” said Paul Elsy, Community Manager of EVE Online. “There’s still time to join in the hunt, so plot a course and put an end to the Guristas’ illegal cloning research!”

You can access The Hunt by The Agency tab, and more info can be found here.