Ubisoft has released a little documentary featuring Assassins Creed voice actor and comedian Danny Wallace as he takes a stroll around the sleepy town of East Grinstead. Known as the “town that doesn’t stare” East Grinstead is home to an unusually high ratio of religious groups often defined as cults in the media.

In Farcry 5, the game depicts a small town, Hope County, in Montana USA, under siege from a family run cult called Eden’s Gate. Ubisoft sent comedian Danny Wallace to uncover the truth and asks members of religious groups, why East Grinstead? He’s not always greeted with a warm welcome. Approaching the headquarters of Scientologists and Mormons he is told to turn off camera’s and not given interviews or answers for why these groups have called East Grinstead home. Could it be the mysterious leylines?

Religious cults are always in the news either by association with famous celebrities, features in a news piece, or the plot basis for a movie. People have always been intrigued by them, even if they don’t know much about there workings. Let’s hope East Grinstead doesn’t turn out like it’s fictional counterpart.

Far Cry 5 is out March 27, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.