Square Enix announced today that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will be coming to PS4 and PC on September 4th of this year.

“The game follows the perilous journey of a hunted Hero who must uncover the mystery of his fate with the aid of a charismatic cast of supporting characters,” said a Square Enix press release. “With a quest that takes players across continents and over vast oceans as they learn of an ominous threat facing the world, DRAGON QUEST XI brings a massive, beautifully detailed world to life, with finely tuned turn-based combat and an immersive story that will appeal to fans and newcomers alike.”

The English release will also have several enhancements that were not available in the Japanese version of the game. These include:

  • English voiceovers for dialogue
  • A harder mode known as the Draconian Quest
  • Overhauled menus and improved interfaces
  • A new camera mode
  • System improvements such as dashing and character movement

Pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store and receive an exclusive theme, as well as special in-game DLC items. You can pre-purchase the game on Steam and PS4 today.