So, you’ve reached the Desert Camp in Minit, you’ve found the Sneaker Hut, the shop keeper’s told you about some fancy new shoes, and now you can’t think of anything else you want more in the world than those beautiful shoes. The only thing in your way are seven coins but you don’t know where they are, right? Well, if you want those shoes, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are seven different locations to find your coins and get yourself a new pair of swanky trainers. This isn’t the full list of coin locations, just the places we’ve found them. If you’ve found some that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll update our list and give you the credit you deserve.

Coin One: Your House

Strangely, this was the last one we found when playing the game. But simply smash the pot in the first house you have in the game and you’ll find a coin, who said breaking stuff never helped anyone?

Coin Two: Island by the Cafe

Outside the cafe where you get the coffee, you’ll see two crates that you can move once you’ve got the coffee. To get this location’s coin you’ll need to move the two crates so they form a bridge to the patch of land on the upper-left of the screen, then follow the path and you’ll find a coin in the chest.

Coin Three: Chest in the Desert

When you leave the desert camp house, go right towards the Sneaker Hut and then take the ladder down. Next, leave the screen to the right so you’re in the “Endless Desert” and go up, you’ll have to go up either two or three times and then you should see a broken bus with a chest next to it surrounded by scorpions. Do your best to avoid the scorpions (it’s a time saver) and crack open the chest and you’ll find coin number three.

Coin Four: Sneaker Hut Dumpster

Outside the Sneaker Hut you’ll see a dumpster at the top of the screen, hit the lids on the right side of the dumpster and coin number four will jump out.

Coin Five: Famous Sign Maker Sand Pit

Leave the Desert Camp house and go left, on the next screen you’ll see the sand pit that leads to the Famous Sign Maker. Begin crossing through the quicksand, when you’re in stop moving and let yourself sink. You’ll drop down into a small space with a bunch of scorpions. Kill the scorpions that are too close, move down to the next screen, and then open the chest for coin number five.

Coin Six: Secret Temple

You’ll need the watering can for this coin. If you haven’t got the watering can yet, go to where the duck is sitting in the sea at the start of the game, cut down the bush that’s on the top-right of the screen, follow the path up and you’ll find the watering can.

Okay, back to the coin. Leave the Desert Camp house and pick up the watering can before you exit. Follow the signs to the Secret Temple and then go in. The path to the right is blocked by flames, so put them out with the watering can and follow the path down. The next screen will have more fire and sets of bats that you’ll need to avoid. Put the fires out when the bats are closer to the bottom part of the screen and move forward. Once you’ve cleared that part, use the watering can to open the chest and you’ll get coin number six.

Coin Seven: Snake Pit Temple

Leave the house you start the game in, cut the bushes at the top of the screen, and then go into the dungeon (you’ll need the flashlight as well). Stick to the left-hand side of the dungeon, kill any snakes that get in your way. Move towards the top of the screen on the left-hand side and you’ll be able to walk through the second block.

Go past the block and you’ll go into a pitch black room, you won’t be able to see your path but keep going forward until you can’t move anymore, then go up, and then left. You enter a small room with one snake and a chest against the back wall. Open the chest and you’ve got coin number seven.

Once you’ve got all the coins, go back to the Sneaker Hut and you’ll get the faster shoes as soon as you enter. Plus, you’ll open the last teleporter to your first house.

Don’t forget to share any other coin locations you find and we’ll be sure to update our list and credit your find.