Independent game developer Playmind has unveiled their latest project; a psychological horror title dubbed The InnerFriend. The game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this September.

The InnerFriend invites players to conquer their childhood fears in a narrative-driven experience to save the child within from nightmares. The game tells the story through the eyes of an innocent child and relies heavily on a tense atmosphere. The game is also inspired by the works of psychologist Carl Jung, oncept of katabasis (the descent into one’s own self), 80s horror movies such as Poltergeist and the filmography of Stanley Kubrick. The InnerFriend’s lead designer and writer Sabrina Calvo is an award-winning author and child educator. Movement, imagery and music are the main ways for the player to interact with the Shadow, as they descend into uncharted parts of the subconscious mind.

Here’s the game’s official synopsis:

Led by a mysterious Shadow, journey through a surreal world inspired by the psychology of childhood fears like the fear of abandonment and the fear of hospitals, which manifest themselves as nightmares. Dive into a subconscious universe to relive the Shadow’s childhood memories, collecting various artifacts to bring back to the Bedroom and slowly rebuilding it as a protective safe haven. As you journey deeper into the subconscious, the gruesome materialized beings that inhabit this world draw ever closer as they fight to protect their very existence – imagined, yet quite powerfully manifested. Can you save the inner child and decipher the mystery?

“The idea for The InnerFriend has been in my head for decades now so I’m thrilled to see it finally coming to life,” said Emmanuel Sévigny, founder of Playmind. “Although we’ve all had very different pasts and childhoods, our experiences — particularly our fears and nightmares — are actually quite similar in a way. I’m eager to see how The InnerFriend will resonate with people from different backgrounds once they finally get a chance to check out the game for themselves.”