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Well, it’s been quite the week for gaming news and if, by some miracle, you’ve managed to miss any of the big stories this week, we’ve go them all here for you in one tidy article.

Spidey Swinging on to PS4 in September

Insomniac Games have finally given us a release date for the Spider-Man game that might just prove to be that most rare of things: a good superhero game. Spidey is set to arrive on September 7, pitting Peter Parker against a New York that’s got something of a growing crime problem.

We also got a glimpse of what the special editions of the game have in store for players. With the Digital Deluxe Edition giving you access to DLC “The City that Never Sleeps” missions. And the Collectors Edition giving you the same DLC, along with an art book, steelbook, and a Spider-Man figurine.

Spyro’s Remaster: the worst kept secret

Activision finally gave in this week, confirming that the Spyro Remaster, which will include the first three games, will arrive for PS4 and Xbox One on September 21.

The news comes after a series of leaks, first reported on by Kotaku, but Activision remained tight lipped about any such remake taking place. It wasn’t until the game was leaked on Amazon Mexico, outing the game’s release for Xbox One and the release date, that Activision finally confirmed the remaster.

And, according to VideoGamer, the Spyro Remaster may well be arriving on Switch as well. The rumour arrived after the remaster was spotted on Nintendo’s UK website before being removed. It seems that, as hard as they try, nothing about this Spyro unveiling is going the way Activision had planned… or is it? No, probably not.

PUBG goes to war (in more ways than one)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has confirmed that the battle royale game will be getting a new mode soon. The mode, called “War,” is currently confined to games custom games held by devs and selected streamers. War follows the same ideas of the other modes, pitting a small nimber of players in an already minimalised area and… well, letting havok reign apparently. There;s no word yet about when the mode will release to the wider public, though Eurogamer have reported that it is possible to jump into a public match at times.

Though, this wasn’t the only time that PUBG was in the news this week. PUBG Corp, which owns the game, has been trying to cull the number of games it sees as stealing its core gameplay since the rise of Fortnite. And whilst there are plenty of games that have adopted the battle royale gaeplay, it seems that NetEase developed games Rules of Survival and Knives Out have crossed the line.

Originally picked up by TorrentFreak before being reported on by Kotaku, it seems that PUBG are now attempting to sue NetEase, saying that both Rules of Survival and Knives Out have copied the core mechanics of PUBG to the point that vifrod have – either knowingly or unknowingly – mislabeled the NetEase games as PUBG.

Whether or not the case will be successful remains to be seen, as does what precedence any decision will have on the growing popularity if the genre.

And finally… Fortnite gives in to Mr Hillman’s demands

With rising popularity of Fortnite’s mobile iteration, it seems that the Epic Games’ battle royale storm (yes, pun intended) is closing in fast. So much so in fact, that the mobile game has been showing up in the classroom. And, as you might expect, teachers aren;t too thrilled. Their levels of thrillitude are so low that it’s led one Mr Hillman to reach out to Epic Games.

Reported by the BBC, Mr Hillman contacted Epic Games, explaining how much he enjoys the game and asking if there was any possibility of the company inserting a warning from Mr Hillman for his students in the game.

And, being the teacher’s pets that they are, Epic kindly obliged. So, the next time you’re playing Fortnite on mobile, take a look at the loading screen, and you might just see the warning: “Mr Hillman says stop playing in class.” Bravo Epic… bravo.

source: Twitter (@arCTYC)