You can now play The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind on your PC, mobile, or tablet with a ton of new features, including more than 140 new cards, three-attribute cards that have just been released, new abilities and keywords, increased maximum deck sizes, puzzles, and card backs.

The three-attribute cards will give you multitudes of new deck-building opportunities – add any one of these to a deck, and it’s automatically converted to a three-attribute deck, and raises the minimum deck size to 75 cards. Each three-attribute deck represents one of the five great houses of Morrowind, and has powerful new abilities and keywords to master:

  • RALLY | House Redoran [STR] [WIL] [END]

Whenever a Rally creature attacks, it gives a random creature in your hand +1/+1.

  • BETRAY | House Telvanni [INT] [AGI] [END]

After you play this action, you may sacrifice a creature to play it again. Players can only perform betray once per action.

  • PLOT | House Hlaalu [STR] [WIL] [AGI]

Plot abilities trigger if you’ve played another card that turn. All three of Hlaalu’s attributes – Strength, Willpower, and Agility – have lots of cheap cards that will help with this.

  • EXALT | Tribunal Temple [INT] [WIL] [END]

Exalt offers a creature a bonus if you pay more magicka for it. Paying the exalt cost results in the creature becoming “Exalted,” – an important distinction should the gods makes an appearance.

  • FIVE POWER MATTERS | House Dagoth [STR] [INT] [AGI]

House Dagoth doesn’t wield a traditional keyword; instead, it seeks raw power. Dagoth cards, found in Strength, Intelligence, and Agility, reward you for having creatures with five or more power.

Puzzle sets are also being introduced, where, as the name might suggest, you have to solve puzzles within certain parameters, like winning the game in one turn. There are three sets of ten puzzles - Caius’ Training, Naryu’s Challenges, and Divayth Fyr’s Trials. Caius’ Training is free to all players, while Naryu’s Challenges and Divayth Fyr’s Trials are available for purchase in the store for £8 or 1500 gold each. If you complete all ten puzzles in a set, players will earn five Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems, and a special card back unique to that puzzle set.

If you’re new to the game, you can pick up a starter pack from the ingame store – it comes with ten Morrowind packs, a unique title, and one bonus Legendary card from Morrowind for £4, a steal of a deal!