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Leaky Pipes: No Campaign in Black Ops 4

“Forget What You Know” is the tagline for this year’s upcoming Black Ops 4, one that might be a little more than just a clever throwback to the themes of the series. Why? Well, according to Polygon and Eurogamer, sources close to the project has claimed that the latest Call of Duty iteration won’t feature a single player campaign.

Activision have refused to comment on the suggestions, only stating that “We look forward to revealing Black Ops 4 on May 7th.” Thanks for that detailed rebuttle Activision.

According to the early reports, the decision to cut the single player mode came about as the project’s deadline made it clear that any story wouldn’t be finished in time. Instead, Black Ops 4 will apparently focus more heavily on the multiplayer mode, Zombies mode, and – if rumours are to be believed – a new Battle Royale mode.

If these reports are true, it would mark the very first entry of the Call of Duty franchise to not include a story more, which – depending on your view of the series in recent years – is still very sad or simply an inevitability.

The Rumour-Mill: No Man’s Sky Xbox Release Date

In what’s becoming quite a common mistake, an accidental Amazon listing may have given us a release date for No Man’s Sky on Xbox One. According to IGN, Amazon Italy advertised the space simulator for a short period at the start of the week, claiming the game would arrive June 29.

Since this little snaffu, the listing has gone back to a generic December 31 release, but if we think back to the Amazon Mexico listing of the then unannounced Spyro Remaster, the slip up from Amazon could be taken with a bit more than a pinch of salt.

Whilst the news will – hopefully – be exciting for Xbox players, it’s also a rumour that gives us a date for the next biggest update for No Man’s Sky: Next. Pretty much nothing is known about this update, but it looks set to be another huge overhaul for the game since it’s rocky start in 2016.

Behind the Games: Ben Brode Leaves Blizzard

Hearthstone creative director Ben Brode has left Blizzard. The news, which came late on Friday in a forum post, brings an end Brode’s 15 years at Blizzard – a period that many have considered the “Golden Age” of the company.

Brode’s career saw him at the helm of Hearthstone for almost ten years, he’s been instrumental in changing up the game and experimenting with new ideas that have seen Hearthstone become a dominant feature not only for CCGs but for games as we know them.

Brode decided to leave Blizzard in order to help create a new company, one that’ll “probably have something to do with games” according to Brode. The news will hopefully soften the blow for you die hard Hearthstonians, knowing that out there somewhere, Brode is scheming and plotting his next move – probably in the depths of a forest.

And Finally… Ubisoft’s AI buddy Might’ve Accidentally Announced Watch Dogs 3

Ubisoft probably had a lot of plans for its creepy AI assistant, Sam. But something it probably wasn’t counting on was it accidentally announcing new games. But, as reported on by Videogamer, it may very well have done that.

Now, Videogamer made it clear that the story is just speculation, but the AI Sam suggested that the next instalment of Watch Dogs was in development. The article picks up on the fact that, when attempts to repeat the information again were tried, Sam’s reply to the question was different. This, along with previous tweets by Ubisoft, have fuelled speculation that a reveal for Watch Dogs 3 may very well be on the horizon.