For Honor’s Season Six, Hero’s March, will launch for current gen consoles and PC on May 17, 2018! As a free update, it will contain a brand new map, major Hero reworks, a new Visual Collection feature, and more.

If you don’t have the season pass yet, there’s currently a free weekend scheduled to run from May 3 to May 6, 2018, on all platforms, and if you want to keep your progress after the weekend is over, you can purchase the game for up to 67% off afterwards.

New content for season six, on the other hand, includes a new map – the Beachhead, will be available for free and playable in all multiplayer modes except Tribute. Once a grand fortress of solitude and respite, it remains a picturesque view from afar and is a desirable stronghold for any army hoping to sway the odds of battle in their favor.

Two heroes - the Orochi and Peacekeeper – will receive major gameplay updates with Season Six. More Heroes will receive similar updates in the future, as the development team continues to prioritise game balancing. Then there’s the new feature, the Visual Collection, which will allow players to track all visuals they have obtained and apply them on any gear they have in a separate in-game menu. This will reduce the need to hoard gear, and address the issue of lack of inventory space.

“We’re happy to see players react positively to our recent For Honor updates, which included the launch of dedicated servers and extensive Hero balancing changes, as well as new onboarding features,” said Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director of For Honor. “In addition to improving the core experience, we are also working on new content, including all-new Heroes; tune in during E3 2018 to learn more!”


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