We pop the question and you answer it

We’re back with another Community Q. That’s right, it’s that time of the week where we flip the tables and get your opinion on a different topic each and every week – mostly because by Friday our ability to communicate has been shot to pieces.

Community Q: Which sequels or prequels do you need in your life right this second?

Spring 2018 was supposed to be when we finally got our nail-bitten hands on Red Dead Redemption 2, but after the game was delayed last year, we instead got a trailer where our new protagonist Arthur Morgan talks about fire in a semi-erotic manner.

As the GGS team watched the trailer once, twice – and then over and over again all night, we got to thinking about the sequels we need in our lives right this second. So, this week we want to know which sequel or prequels – announced, rumoured, or the ones you’re dreaming of, you need in your game library right this second.

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