Another week, another heap of Indie news

Welcome back to the Indie News Roundup, the segment where we sniff around for the stories you should know about when it comes the the indie sphere of gaming. So, without further ado, let’s get to the news.

New Kid on the Block: Arcade Crew Announce Blazing Chrome

Newly created publisher Arcade Crew – an off-shoot from the Dotemu group, have announced their first title, developed by Joymasher, for release later this year: Blazing Chrome.

Now, the title might sound like a terrifying new strain of weed (kids are still doing the weed, right?) but Blazing Chrome is perhaps actually more terrifying. The side-scrolling shooter will see players trying to overthrow their oppressive robotic overlords. ‘But John,’ I hear you ask, ‘how will we do that?!’ Well, dear reader, you’ll do that by controlling either an angry human who goes by the name of Mavra, or you’ll play as an angry robot named… Doyle, okay – that’s fine… robots can be named Doyle, I suppose.

Blazing Chrome is looking to recapture the anarchic tones of the retro scrolling shooters that we’ve grown so fond of thanks to the dreaded ticking hands of life’s clock. And with much of the game being inspired by the likes of Metal Slug, you can expect “challenging” gameplay – by which I mean gameplay that’ll see you go through a couple of keyboards or controllers before you finish it.

Neither Arcade Crew or Joymasher have given us a solid release date as of yet, but with the publisher already promising a steady stream of announcements in 2018, Blazing Chrome arriving this year seems like a safe bet.

Owlboy Gets a fancy limited edition

Yes, yes, I know that digital games are the “progressive” road that games are hurtling towards but dammit, we all love physical releases of games. So, with the actual disc release of Owlboy coming at the end of the month, developers D-Pad have teamed up with SOEDESCO to create a mouth-wateringly small number of limited edition versions of the game.

This limited edition – which is comprised of 6000 copies, won’t be available until July 13. But, for those of you who’ve already fallen in love with the adventure game, the allure of a limited edition that comes with an actual manual (remember those!?), a notebook, a soundtrack of the game, and a few other bits and bobs, is surely enough reason to hang on a couple of extra weeks.

There’s no price available yet for the limited edition version for the Switch or PS4, but an educated guess would see the collectible going for around £40-£50.

One to Watch: Milanoir

Remember th ’70’s? Neither do I. But that doesn’t matter because Italo Games are looking to take us back there in this pulpy-film inspired adventure.

Milanoir sees you ytaking on the seedy underbelly of Milan as you go on the hunt for the mystery man who’s framed you – I don’t know what for but I imagine it’s not for public urniation. The game promises a series of shoot-outs and car chases as it looks to recreate the excitement of films like Almost Human and Caliber 9 – films that I haven’t seen but that people would probably say something like they’re “masterpieces” or something along that line.

Right the game. Milanoir will be arriving on May 31 for PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4, offering up a adrenaline-fuelled adventure that you can go at alone or with a friend with local co-op – yes, on the Switch as well.

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