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Leaky Pipes: Has Walmart Leaked Legitimate Releases?

Canada is – rather strangely – often said to be the younger brother of America, and like any younger sibling, they’re bound to make mistakes at some point. So, when Walmart Canada seemingly leaked a series of unannounced games on Wednesday, big brother American Walmart was – presumably – shaking its head with disappointment.

Source: Twitter, @Wario64

Though, a lot has been made over the legitimacy of the leaked titles. Walmart Canada posted advertisements for Just Cause 4, “Forza Horizons 5” (I don’t know why there’s more than one horizon, or what happened to 4), Rage 2, and Borderlands 3. But, as Bethesda pointed out in a sassy little tweet, many of these adverts contained spelling mistakes and no box-art, and whilst the latter isn’t a decision that’s unheard of, it does enough to throw some doubt as to whether all of these titles are legitimate.

Out of the full list of leaked titles, there are certainly some that seem like a good bet, Borderlands 3 being somewhere near the top of that list, but it seems unlikely that all the games listed will be making an appearance at E3 or on retail shelves.

Confirmed: Nintendo Announces the Switch Online

Nintendo made it clear a few months back that the initial free-to-use online features of the Switch would eventually move over to a subscription model similar to PS Plus and Xbox Live. And it was this week that Nintendo shed some light on the details of the still unnamed online membership for their smash-hit console.

A couple of features will be introduced with the online membership, with Cloud Saves becoming available to hopefully help with the glaring storage space problem the Switch has, and, similar to the PlayStation and Xbox free games, Nintendo have said that the Switch will get 20 NES games, including a personal favourite in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Perhaps the biggest – and most pleasant – surprise Nintendo gave in this announcement was the price. Nintendo has placed the membership for subscription at only $20 each year, a much lower price than the £40-£50 a year that Sony and Microsoft ask, It’s not known whether UK and European Switch owners will have to pay the same figure or whether the exchange rate will play a part, but either way, the cost is very much a welcome one.

Nintendo’s subscription won’t come into effect until some time in September, so you still have plenty of time to make the most of online play at no extra cost.

E3 2018: Sony promise another look at their upcoming exclusives

This should’ve been something of a given, but Sony announced in the PlayStation podcast that they would be using E3 as a chance to show off some of their most anticipated titles for this year. “E3 this year will feature exclusive looks and deep dives on four upcoming titles—four of our big titles “ commented Sony’s Shawn Layden said on the podcast, with The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and Spider-Man looking set to have a bit more screen time this year.

Layden also said that there’ll be a good amount of time put to both third-party titles and indie games at their E3 conference, with Sony taking the stage at 2 am (UK time) on June 12.

And Finally… Gameseek Looks to be going out of Business

Controversial game retailer Gameseek went into liquidation earlier this week, with the signs looking far from good for the shop. Eurogamer were the first to report this, with the website claiming to be under maintenance as customers with outstanding orders received letters explaining the situation Gameseek were in.

The retailer became somewhat infamous for their… shady dealings, offering massively popular games and consoles – most notably the SNES Mini – at significantly lower prices than their competitors. These deals usually went live for a small window of time, with wannabe customers often left complaining about not actually being able to get on to the site when the deals were active.

Customers who’ve already paid for pre-orders have been left in the lurch it seems, with any reimbursements looking set to take a long time and most likely not being refunded fully. So it seems that Gameseek will be going out the same way they lived, screwing people over.

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