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AtsushiInaba is the head of PlatinumGames. This is the company that has given us some of the best games in previous years. One of the games that havemade a name for the company is the Bayonetta Franchise. However, for today we are not focusing on these old titles.

Sure they are proven workhorsesthat pay the bills. That is why Platinum has not stopped working on them. So yes, expect Bayonetta 3 sometime soon. The company is also working on collaborationsto develop the Last Order and Re: Link.

Anybody can Pitch a Game

This is the policy that was used by Inaba and the management team at Platinum. The result is that they received up to 70 submissions with game designs. This overwhelming response by their staff inspired Inaba and his team to spend time, the greater part of 2017 going through the designs. Did you know you can play any game at online casino for fun or money to play the best online casino visit choose a casino to play at.

According to an interview that Inaba gave earlier in the year he described how they spent the bulk of last year just finding what focus on and what not to focus on. Now he has come out saying that there are two game designs that they have zeroed in on.

The Action Game

At the Bitsummit, Atsushi talked about a new game they were working on. The game is described as being one for the action space. There is a lot of secrecy about this new game from Platinum. The greater majority of the employees do not even know about it.

The Company head highlighted that the game would not be AAA game. He said that the firm could not afford the $10 million dollar budget that came with creating a game of such calibre. However, he did say that the game will “turn the action genre on its head”. Whether he is willing to bet real money at safe online casinoon that or not what else can we expect him to say?

But the last offering from Platinum was Nier: Automata. Many critics have rated it one of the top 10 games of 2017. This means we can expect a great game.