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Ready for the latest edition of the Indie News Roundup!? With E3 just around the corner, we’ve got a few tidbits of exciting news for those who are going, along with new releases, re-releases, and what’s going on behind the scenes in the industry, it’s the only article you need to wow your friends with all your knowledge about the gritty realism of the indie games world, so let’s get to it.

E3 2018: Indie Heaven Coming to IndiE3

If you’re heading to E3 this year and you want to take the path less travelled, why not take a short hop and skip across the road to IndiE3 where new instalment Indie Heaven will be making its dazzling debut.

Running across three full days, you’ll get a chance to play some of the most exciting indie games on the horizon, with Black Future ’88, Rune, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Transcendent VR all making appearances.

You’ll need to be over the age of 21 to get in, but the convention runs between June 12-14, so if you happen to turn 21 between those dates, it’s probably the best way to celebrate becoming a real-life adult.

New Release: Forgotten Anne

The latest sleeper hit from the Square Enix Collective looks like it’s just arrived, this time in the shape of anime platformer Forgotten Anne. The game, which has been likened to the art style of Studio Ghibli, sees you taking control of, well, Anne – an enforcer of the Forgotten Lands.

Just what are the Forgotten Lands? Well, it’s the place where anything that’s forgotten goes, you know, to be forgotten. So, expect to see a rabble of cuddly bears, old love letters, and other bits and bobs, as Anne tries to quash an uprising that could see her return to the normal world being scuppered.

The early reception of the game has been pretty good, with a host of sites giving the game high scores and praise. So, if you’re looking for a new platform adventure that doesn’t just challenge your thumbs, but also your heart, then Forgotten Anne is well worth a shout.

Let’s Get Physical: Ruiner Gets Limited Boxed Release

You may remember that last year, top-down shooter Ruiner had to make do with a solely digital release. There were plans in place for the game to get a physical release, but due to ESRB rules, the costs for a boxed release were too high for the game to justify.

But that looks like it’s about to change, for a short time at least. Special Reserve Games have announced that a small number of physical editions of the game will be coming soon. There’s no word yet about when this will be, or even the number of copies available, but, a press release has – at the very least – captured the excitement of the release, with the team saying:

We’re as amped as our fans for our next release: the RUINER PS4 Special Reserve is back from the dead and now, it’s coming soon! The impossible became possible thanks to collaboration behind the scenes…

And Finally… Switch is the console of choice for indie developers

Rezzed seems like a long, long time ago now, but it was during this year’s convention that carried out a survey among developers to see which platforms were most popular among developers. The survey was only carried out among 61 teams, so the results perhaps don’t give a holistic view of the industry.


As you might’ve expected, PC remains the most popular platform for developers, but not far behind it is the Switch, amassing a massive 33% (32.8% to be exact) of approval from developers. The results should stand as yet another accolade for Nintendo’s console, seemingly breathing new life into the company and offering a fresh take for developers to explore. And, with a host of new indie games already out or slated to arrive over 2018 and 2019, including Another Site, Above, and a lot more, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony and especially Microsoft look to build on their relationships with indie developers – if at all.

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