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Well, after a whirlwind week for news you probably don’t know where to start, but lucky for you we’ve gone out and fetched the news stories you need to know about. And, for your sake, we’ve left Rage 2 out of this week’s roundup, mostly because pretty much everyone – including your weird friend Keith who has no interest in games but has a pretty dope stamp collection – knows about Rage 2 being announced. So, get your cup of tea, brown sauce up that bacon sandwich, get back into bed, and catch up with the news of the week.

Necessary News: Activision Reveals Black Ops 4

Okay, we let you off with Rage 2, but we have to cover at least one story you’ve already heard about. On Thursday, Activision finally revealed their latest worst kept secret in Black Ops 4. The reveal confirmed a lot of rumours, with the absence of a campaign mode, a more developed Zombies mode, and new battle royale “Blackout” being announced during the community event.

We haven’t learnt too much more other than the snippets of gameplay in the cinematic-heavy trailers, but a handful of leaks showing some extended gameplay have surfaced, with Polygon showing off some.

We’ll have to wait until the beta – if you decide to pre-order Black Ops 4 – to get a better idea of what’s on offer. So in the meantime, we turn our eyes ahead to the reveal of Battlefield V next week to see how it reacts to the Black Ops reveal.

ETA Unknown: Skull and Bones Completes a Hat-Trick of Delays

There’s nothing worse than a game being delayed – you’d think. But after both Shenmue 3 and Metro Exodus were delayed earlier this week, Ubisoft’s gritty take on Sea of Thieves; Skull and Bones being delayed was the cherry on a sundae of crap news.

The Pirate sim, which was originally slated for a release this autumn, but that’s now been pushed back to somewhere between April 2019 and March 2020 – so hopefully that vague new release date offers some comfort.

The delay, according to creative director Justin Farren, is to give the game a better chance to wow players straight from the off, with Farren stressing that. “we want to build a community that shares the same excitement we have for Skull and Bones.”

Even with the delay confirmed, Skull and Bones is still set for a showing at E3, with some new gameplay and possibly a revised release date being shown.

Behind the Games: Boss Key Productions Closes Its Doors

The developers behind the FPS LawBreakers and recent retro battle royale Radical heights have confirmed the studio will be closing down. Co-founder of Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski, took to Twitter on Thusday evening to break the news.

The released statement picks up on the lack of attention LawBreakers got as well as the timing of Radical Heights, which Bleszinski described as being, “too little too late.”

Despite the studio closing, players have been told that servers for Radical Heights will continue to operate for “the near future.”

As for Bleszinski, he’s said that he’ll be taking some time away from game designing for a while, but hopes to make a dazzling return with something new at some point.

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