Welcome to a new One Hour Tour!

I know these are a bit scarce lately, but having a hard time trying to find time. That being said, hoping to have more soon!

Now, once Saints Row 2 became backward compatible on Xbox One was like a dream come true. I had been waiting and hoping for this happen and here we are! Saints Row 2 is easily one of my favorite game during the previous generation of consoles; it’s also high up there in my top 10 of all time favorite games. I had loved every minute of the first Saints Row, even more so than Grand Theft Auto IV (those cars drove like shit); SR has a bit of over the top humor that Rockstar’s franchise lacked.

Thankfully, Volition improved the formula with SR2 by adding a more vocal protagonist, the possibility of throwing human shields; among other features. Being able to tackle three different crews the way you see fit gives players more leniency as to how to progress; sure it created a bit of story issues because all three mini-stories acted independently from one another, but it provided a unique quality at the time for the genre.

Also, the Fuzz activity is the best activity/side-quest ever. Hands down.