Games streaming platform ‘Mixer’ is celebrating its birthday this week, with some thanks going-out to the Mixer community and news on upcoming changes and enhancements to the streaming service.

With up to 10 million monthly users, Mixer has grown an awful lot in just a year, and that could be due in part to the constant updates to the service, offering new and improved features to its community.

Some of the new features that are currently in Beta versions and on the horizon will include:

  • MixPlay, an expanded developer toolset that will enable Mixer streamers to create deeper interactive experiences on their channels.
  • New streamer tools as part of the refreshed experience, rolling out for Desktop and Mobile Web, that will make it easier for users to find the creative communities and content they love.
  • The Mixer team is also expanding HypeZone to include “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” providing new ways to discover streamers and watch the most exciting Rainbow Six-action on Mixer.