Piping Hot News With Your Piping Hot Tea

Well, it’s been quite the week for games, hasn’t it? With everything to game reveals to leaks, and lawsuits, it’s easy to let a big story slip by. But don’t worry friend, because we’ve gone out and fetched all the biggest stories (in games, if you want politics go somewhere else) for you to catch up and stay in the know. So – as always – get a cup of tea, get some butter on that crumpet, get back into bed, and catch up with the news of the week.

Necessary News: Bethesda Teases Fallout 76

Right, let’s start with the obvious one. After Bethesda tweeted “Please Stand By” on Wednesday, sending pretty much the whole of games Twitter into a feral state, it took almost an entire day for the announcement to come to fruition.

What Bethesda revealed was the next Fallout game: Fallout 76, which will see players wandering the post-apocalyptic West Virginia. The trailer that was revealed showed off relatively little, with a rendition of “Country Road” playing over a bedroom that rots away before your very eyes, an abandoned factory, and a terminal showing the message “You’ve been invited”… hooray?

What we didn’t learn was when the game would be arriving, but with E3 just a couple of weeks away. It seems a safe bet that we’ll learn more when Bethesda rocks up to sunny old LA.

The Rumour Mill: Fortnite on Switch

It’s not the only time that Fortnite made the news this week, but the cartoonish battle royale game may well be lighting up Switch consoles soon as well. According to both Eurogamer and Screen Rant, the rumours seemed have been proven as true since the game was spotted on a South Korean certification list.

let's play Fortnite | GGS Gamer

With many thinking an official announcement will be coming at E3, it may not be too long until you can play Fortnite on the go…you know, if you forgot that you can play Fortnite on mobile – and that it’s also likely to come to tablets pretty soon as well. Wow, you just get away from it can you?

One Royale to Rule Them All: PUBG suing Epic Games

Moving on from Fortnite, we have a story about… oh, Fortnite. Well, they play a pretty big part in it anyway. It seems that since beginning their legislative rampage on games that copied their premise, PIG have finally set their sights on Epic Games, as they began legal proceedings in Korea, accusing Epic Games of copying the premise of PUBG (well, duh).

It seems like a natural step for PUBG, having already sued two other games and seeing player numbers on their game dropping somewhat over the last few months. It may be the case that the ruling over the first lawsuits PUBG took out against copycat games Rules of Survival and Knives Out may have a say on the outcome of this far more lucrative and, dare I say it… game-changing case… sorry.

Leaky Pipes: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey undone by a Keyring

Looks like Assassin’s Creed fans won’t have to wait an extra year to get back into an Animus, if we’re to believe the leaked pictures of some new merchandise.

A picture of an Assassin’s Creed branded keyring shows off an Ancient Greek warrior helmet (I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re called you guys) that pretty much sets in stone the next setting for the series – Japan? No… no, it’s Greece.

And, since I began writing this section, Ubisoft have now posted a tweet confirming the game, with an “official” reveal coming at E3, the tweet is just, an unofficial announcement? Anyway, we’re getting another Assassin’s Creed game, even after we were told we wouldn’t be getting another one until 2019.

And Finally… Let’s get back to the games

With all this excitement of games to look forward to and… court cases, it’s understandable that you may have forgotten that both PlayStation and Xbox revealed the next lineup of free games this month – and to be honest, even if you did know, you’ve probably forgotten because of such a vanilla collection.

Xbox players can “look forward” to picking up the 2.5d platforming adventures of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, along with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, before being replaced by Lego Indiana Jones 2. And to top off that list of “oh, I forgot that game existed” list, you’ll be able to pick up the Smite Gold bundle from June 15 – July 16, Great.

Right, PlayStation players, think your lineup is any better – ha. You’ll be getting XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion – okay, they are objectively better games than the Xbox lineup, but they’re not exactly going to get you jumping up and down in excitement. The free PS3 games are still being churned out for the time being as well, with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Zombie Driver being the freebies this month.

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