Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Io Interactive have announced Hitman 2, offering up hyper-detailed sandboxes, and the ability to slay in all new ways – brute force or stealth.

“We are thrilled to partner with IO Interactive on HITMAN 2 and bring the latest game in this iconic franchise to the passionate HITMAN fanbase and new players,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “IO Interactive has done a fantastic job with the Hitman franchise, and this new game will provide a distinct gameplay experience for players to be creative in larger sandbox locations.”

“We are very proud to announce HITMAN 2 as the next exciting chapter in our ever-expanding world of assassination. Building on the success of our previous game, HITMAN 2 introduces exciting new features, new modes and franchise firsts to make for a larger and richer game,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO, IO Interactive. “We couldn’t have wished for a better partner than Warner Bros. to bring this game to our passionate community and introduce new players to our universe. Welcome back 47!”

Hitman 2 will take players to a variety of colourful places across the globe, including Miami, with the colorful ambience of an in-progress motorsport race, to sun-drenched streets and dark, dangerous rainforests; each intricate location provides multiple paths to discover. You’ll be taking down the Shadow Client, and unravelling his militia once and for all, but when 47 learns the hidden truth about his past, nothing will ever be the same.

There’s also a new way to play – the Sniper Assassin mode, a standalone feature that brings a co-op experience to the series for the first time, allowing two players to work together online to take down their targets. Sniper Assassin can also be enjoyed in a single player mode for those who want to play alone as Agent 47. You can play as Sniper Assassin now as an early access bonus for those who preorder the Standard, Gold or Collector’s Edition. The Standard Edition is available for preorder now, but the Gold Edition can only be preordered exclusively at GAME, whereas the Collector’s Edition will be available for preorder soon.

As an additional preorder bonus, the full game will be available on early access for Gold or Collector’s Edition owners, four days before release. Hitman 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, Xbox One, and PC on November 13, 2018.