We need to talk

Welcome back to another Community Q! It’s that time of the week when we flip the tables and demand you give us your wallets and opinions about a different topic each and every week. Ah, I’ve just been informed that we no longer demand your wallet, lucky you!

Community Q: Which game would you love to see revealed at E3?

This seemed like a simple question in the lead up to E3, but after people somehow forgot what the word “secret” means – giving way to a host of leaks that were set to be announced, it’s quite a nice thought that we could – possibly – see something that wasn’t leaked beforehand next week.

So, we want to know what your dream E3 reveal would be; maybe you want to see Respawn’s Star Wars game get a little love, or see We Happy Few emerge from the early access wilderness for five minutes. You have the answers and we want to know! So, tell us in the comments or on Twitter @ggsgamer.

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