Capcom announced that the Devil May Cry series is back in full swing, with DMC 5 arriving in spring 2019, ten years since DMC 4.

The trailer we saw showed off a mixture of cinematics and gameplay, with the game looking just as hectic as the series has always been,  this doesn’t seem to be a gritty reboot, but rather a chaotic conclusion the the story that was started all the way back in 2001.

This time, Dante will have to deal with an old demonic force that’s decided – for reasons – to rock up and start causing a bit of grief again, with over the top action naturally enduing.

Capcom are making the game using their in-house RE Engine, so you can expect it to look very, very nice if Resident Evil 7 is anything to go by, just expect less impromptu amputations, or maybe now – who knows!?