We got a first look at Dying Light 2, showing off an environment that supposedly reacts to your actions in the game.

The short demo we saw showed off different actions and their consequences, with the locations we saw looking like the Old Town district from the original Dying Light. This time, there’ll be more people, and obviously zombies. New factions have risen, and resources are tightly controlled by these competing alliances.  Gameplay shows that the familiar parkour-style combat is back and more detailed than before.

“We are very close to our community, and we’ve clearly heard their requests for the new game. I know we kept them waiting, so I’m more than excited to finally announce: Dying Light 2 is coming,” said Pawel Marchewka, the CEO of Techland. “Dying Light 2 will be a truly bold sequel, combining the much loved Dying Light DNA with completely new ways to play. For the first time in the franchise, players will have the power to decide the fate of a decaying metropolis with their own choices and actions. Across the story, the melee combat, the parkour movement, and other aspects of the game, we’re giving players a completely new level of freedom.”

Emphasis has been put on the fact that choices matter, and choosing different approaches to your missions will greatly impact the game and its landscape. Players will shape the outcome of the story, as every choice matters along the way. Continuing the narrative theme, Techland brought out narrative designer and writer, Chris Avellone, to discuss the game in more detail. This only furthers the idea that this game will be more story-focused than the first, and allow players greater freedom of choice when it comes to game-altering decisions.

While the game was announced on the Xbox stage, it appears that it will be available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC as was the original Dying Light. No public announcement has yet been made about its release date. The game is powered by the C-Engine, Techland’s own open-world RPG technology.