The Elder Scrolls Online is to get two new DLCs – a werewolf dungeon DLC, Wolfhunter, and a story DLC called Murkmire. No solid release dates yet apart from “later in 2018,” but to keep you hyped, a trailer for Summerset was also shown.

Wolfhunter will bring two new group dungeons - Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices, which sound wonderfully cheerful. These are themed around Tamriel’s werewolves, so there’ll be plenty of stories revolving around those afflicted with lycanthropy, and, just maybe, you’ll get to face off against the Daedric Prince Hircine.

Mirkmire, on the other hand, is the next zone and story content expansion for ESO, and will send you into the home of the Argonians. You’ll have to win the trust of elusive tribes, delve deep into crumbling Xanmeer ruins, and hack your way through the savage wilds of Black Marsh to discover one of the Hist’s greatest secrets.

Elder Scrolls Online is now home to 11 million players, so with Summerset just released and two DLCs on the horizon, you’d be mad not to get stuck in!