During their E3 conference, Bethesda has teased two – yes, two – new games! While very little detail was given on either title, both games are set to head to the next-gen consoles, meaning it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing either for a year or two, at the very least.

On the plus side, we do have a couple of trailers to keep us guessing until we get more information.

Elder Scrolls VI

There isn’t a whole lot of content to talk about in this 30-second teaser trailer, but there is a breathtaking view, as the camera pans over the mist-covered hills to reveal a land that you immediately want to go and explore, accompanied by the classic Elder Scrolls music.


Unfortunately, we know even less about the ‘space epic,’ Starfield; the trailer shows off what looks like a curiously star-shaped space station orbiting a planet.

Starfield marks Bethesda’s first new franchise in 25 years, so it will be interesting to see if it can match the success of the likes of Elder Scrolls and Fallout.