Not a Mimic

To the tune of “You Spin Me Right Round,” Prey has a new DLC coming – “Mooncrash,” and a trailer for it.

The Mooncrash DLC, which is available from today, will have players running through a simulation of the site as they deal with environments and enemies that change with each run. It’s difficult to see why Arkane settled for an arcade add-on rather than delving deeper into the story of the Talos 1 station, but Mooncrash does look to offer up a wholly new ezperience for players, and a new reason to jump back into to the game.

There’ll also be a slew of new updates coming to Prey, including, among others, Survival Mode, and New Game Plus, all available right now.

There’s a new mode coming later this year, pitting one player against five others who play as Mimics, as you play out a game of hide and seek that looks set to be a good bit of fun. There’s no definite date for when Typhen Hunter will arrive, but it is slated to be in an upcoming update in 2018.

The new mode will also be available in VR, along with other features.