Yo ho ho

Ubisoft showed off a little more of their upcoming nautical adventure Skull and Bones, set in the golden age of piracy. The game, which was officially delayed last month, is using the extra time to work out a few extra features that’ll hopefully make the wait worth it.

The trailer we saw was a lot heavier on what looks to be a story, with a plot that focuses on the last pirates being hunted down. The footage gave us the different variables at play when you’re on the hunt for some gold coin, and when confronted with a superior foe i.e. the Commodore of a Portuguese flagship. In this multiplayer naval game, your goal is to become the undisputed pirate king, so sometimes it’s better to team up with other pirates to take on an indomitable enemy, but that truce will only last as long as is needed, for there is “no honour amongst thieves”.

We then got a decent chunk of gameplay, showing off players customising their ships and crew before going out on a hunt. You’ll also be able to change your ship’s sails and flag, to help blend in and ambush different ships whilst also sneaking past enemy strongholds.

All that being said, the gameplay did still strike more than a likeness to the same mechanics we’ve seen in previous Assassin’s Creed games, with movement, shooting mechanics, and boarding other ships all looking fairly identical.

Skull and Bones is slated for a 2019 release date.