Bethesda have announced their next Wolfenstein project: Wolfenstein: Youngblood, coming 2019. Along with the new title, we got an update for the Switch port of New Colossus, and a mention of a new VR experience called Cyberpilot.

But Youngblood was the big news, with the next instalment putting you in control of BJ’s twin daughters, who for some reason have the exact same accent as their father even though, surely, they would’ve grown up somewhere other that Mesquite, right!?

Youngblood will be set in Paris during the 1980s, with the trailer underlining the setting by showing off a Walkman on the ground, so retro! And, as you’re playing as twins, the game will be able to be played either as a co-op outing or as a single-player romp, hooray!

Wolfenstein 2 will also be coming to the Switch on July 29, 2018. And there’s also a new Wolfenstein VR Hacker take over Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, which is playable at E3… so if you’re there, that’s good. Cyberpilot will have players taking over as a hacker who takes conrol of various machines and turns them against Nazis – in a new experience that looks to further promote Bethesda’s and MachineGames’ ethos of “Fuck Nazis.” Cyberpilot doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it will be arriving sometime in 2019.