Headup Games has finally confirmed Runbow’s release date for PS4 and Nintendo Switch and it’s coming up fast! The critically-acclaimed multiplayer party game will be available early next month, July 3rd to be exact to PS4 and Switch players. The game will be available digitally on Day 1; a deluxe retail version (with DLC and stickers) is currently planned for Q3 2018.

Here’s a brief recap of what Runbow is in case you’ve never heard about it: players race and brawl against each other while objects and obstacles appear or disappear based on the ever changing background color. The game has a focus on multiplayer modes where up to 9 players can play simultaneously online. Nintendo Switch features 8 players for local multiplayer while the PS4 version can support up to 4 players locally. Those who prefer single player mode will have a hefty challenge ahead of them.