Oh no they didn’t

The next instalment of World of Tank will be bulldozing its way on to console next week, coming this time in the shape of Mercenaries.

The latest edition brings back all the competitive strategy and – in our case – mindlessly blowing stuff up that players have expected from developers Wargaming.net in the past. But Mercenaries offers a wholly new experience for players this time around. Instead of being set during a conflict in the past, Mercenaries takes players to an alternative reality and, like all alternate realities, things have got a tad… dark.

In this new world gone mad rises the new nation of Mercenaries, arriving with a brand new skill tree – and perhaps more importantly, arriving full of ‘tude. Players will be eased into this new turn for the series through a story campaign entitled The Heist, which sees you take part in a scheme to steal a nuclear bomb – all whilst in a tank… sounds like the next Fast & Furious film.

As well as a new direction with a single player campaign, Mercenaries brings a revamp to the maps on multiplayer, with existing maps having an “everything’s been destroyed” makeover and challenging players to make their way through classic maps with an unfamiliar layout.

Mercenaries arrives next week, June 26, as part of the 4.5 update for PS4 and Xbox One.

Oh, we should also point out that World of Tanks currently have a World Cup special at the moment, with matches being commentated on by Gianluigi Buffon as players take part in a Rocket League-esque match, so go and enjoy that until Mercenaries launches, because your whole world will get a lot more dark and broody – with tanks – next week.