Give a game a home

Tired of having to survive in real life? Do you find yourself wishing you were trapped in a desolate wasteland, scavenging and plundering all the basic necessities? Well, dear reader, you’re in luck! because we have a PS4 copy of Conan Exiles – the survival game set in the same universe as the iconic film series, that we’re giving away

So, how are we deciding who wins this glamorous new life? Simple, all we’re asking you to do is tweet us a picture of what your survivor would look like. So, if you’re planning on being a chilled out cannibal, why not draw a picture of your survivor chilling out, cooking some human flesh over a fire. Want to be an angry, zealot of Yog? Why not show off some artwork of you sacrificing some poor sod.

We’re not looking for masterpieces, just some sketches that show off your unique aptitude for survival – and seriously, the bar is set pretty low so far, I got in quick and chose to submit… this.

I would not survive for long

To enter, simply tweet your picture to us @ggsgamer and use the hashtag #survivingharderthanconan. We’re taking submissions until 9 pm on Sunday, June 24. So, crack out those colouring pencils, boot up Photoshop, and pick the right brush in Paint to win a glamorous one-way ticket to the fun-free wasteland of Conan Exiles.

Note: Conan Exiles is rated 18 in the UK, so please only take part in the competition if you’re 18 or over.