Blizzard settling in Europe brings a new cold front to your wallet

The new EU Blizzard Gear store is now open. This is semi-good news for all those Blizzard fans that like to purchase Blizz-themed memorabilia and collectables from the Blizz games universe.

Why semi-good may you ask? Well, yes the shipping times will be a lot quicker for the 28 EU member states, as opposed to having it shipped from the US, also no import duties and reduced shipping costs, but, the prices for the products themselves are not comparable. We are paying like-for-like on a Dollar to Euro ratio and with the current exchange rate, it’s debatable on how much we could save, or even pay more for than still getting it shipped from the States.

Still, it’s awesome news if you need that Murloc Kigurumi in a hurry, or you can’t wait to receive your giant Sylvanas statue.