Over 10 million coral blocks placed!

Minecraft players have helped to raise $100,000 that will go to The Nature Conservancy, helping them to help the oceans.

The release of Update Aquatic, a Minecraft patch that sees the addition of a new biome, as well as shipwrecks, dolphins, and a bunch of other ocean-related things, inspired Minecraft developers, Mojang to join forces with The Nature Conservancy.

The release of the Coral Crafters Skin Pack was set to coincide with World Oceans Day on June 8, with all proceeds from the pack going to The Nature Conservancy. Additionally, a challenge was set – if Minecraft players could collectively place 10 million coral blocks, in-game and underwater, Mojang would also donate £100,000 to the effort.

Players rose to the challenge and placed the required blocks within a few days.

We’re proud to say that just a few days later Minecrafters smashed that target and we donated one hundred thousand dollars to The Nature Conservancy!

The Update Aquatic is available now on Xbox One, PC, Mobile, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift and will be coming to other platforms at a later date.