Lot’s about the end of the world this week – hooray

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They’ve Norsed it Right Up: Fimbul set for November release

Still hankering for your fill of Norse mythology after God of War? Well, Danish developers, Zaxus have you covered with their own take on averting Ragnorok – or the apocalypse for those of you who aren’t up to scratch on your Norse mythology.

Fimbul, which will arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in November this year, offers up a comic-book style design as you journey through Midgar to get your angry little hands on an ancient artifact that can put an end to all this “end of the world” nonsense.

Along with an endearing looking design, Fimbul tries to shake up its gameplay, offering up a non-linear story. Players will have different paths to choose from when it comes to how they act in the game, with their decisions recorded by the game’s fairly mystical sounding “Thread of Life” mechanic.

We’ll have to wait until later this year to see whether or not Fimbul’s world is worth saving, but it sounds like an interesting one to watch out for when it arrives November, 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Back into the Fray: World of Tanks Mercenaries Update Arrives

You may have already got your hands on the latest World of Tanks update, releasing as update 4.5 on Monday. Or you might have watched a bit of our interview with Wargaming.net’s Ingo Horn about the latest addition to World of Tanks – the new alternate world of Mercenaries.

Or you might not have heard anything about it – which is why we’re covering it here! Mercenaries take the World of Tanks game in a wholly new direction; throwing players into a gritty alternate world where war has got a bit out of hand. In this world gone mad, a new nation on mercenaries arises, why? Well, mostly to put an end to this war in their own kooky way.

Mercenaries brings a first for World of Tanks in their new single-player campaign called “The Heist,” so try and guess what that’s about. Yep, it’ll be up to you and a small group of other mercs to steal a nuclear device for a mysterious employer who might just have their own plan… but who knows!?

And don’t worry, the classic PvP modes are back, bringing with them revised versions of old maps – mostly revised by everything being destroyed. But it’s a move that’ll see players having to re-learn maps they may have known like the back of their war-torn hands.

And Finally… 60 Seconds! Hits the One Million Mark

Robot Gentlemen, the developers of satirical survival game 60 Seconds! Are celebrating the game selling its one-millionth copy since its release back in 2015.

In that time, the game’s received a lot of TLC from the team, with updates and DLC bringing players back for more than just soup in a bunker. And, because it’s a celebration, Robot Gentlemen are getting the party started once again with plans for more expansions for the game in the works.

The expansions planned stretch on until 2019, and whilst we don’t have anything more than a brief description of each right now, it looks as though Dolores will be getting the spotlight in 2018, and there’s a teaser for the game being released on “even more” consoles in 2019 – so it looks as though PS4 and Xbox One players might get their shot at surviving another end of the world next year.

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