Hey, look here! It’sa Wario!

WarioWare Gold releases on July 27th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started with Wario’s new tricks! A free demo is now available on the Nintendo eShop, ahead of its 3DS release. More than 300 crazy microgames will be available for the biggest WarioWare game released to date.

But that’s not all! WarioWare will have a new, fully-voiced story featuring Wario and other crazy characters, as well as new games, boss battles, and more. Win coins on the way to the Wario Cup—and don’t forget to learn more about the mysterious girl after Wario! Coins will be available to unlock new modes and features, including:

  • Battle Time: Friends can compete against each other by playing the same microgames over a wireless connection.
  • All Mixed Up: Play all of the microgames in a randomly assigned order.
  • WarioWatch: Compete against the clock to complete as many microgames as possible.
  • Super Hard: Zoom through microgames as the challenges increase in speed.
  • Sneaky Gamer: Play as 9-Volt, hiding from his mother as he plays games in bed. Don’t get caught!

Check out the game today by visiting the Nintendo eShop.