It’s Code Vein, it probably thinks this video’s about it.

Viki and I were lucky enough to attend Bandai Namco’s post E3 showcase last week, where we were lucky enough to go hands on with a few of the games, including the new IP, Code Vein. We’ve put together a handy video for you, showing off a (badly handled) boss fight, and some of the gameplay surrounding it, as well as our thoughts on the twenty minutes we got to spend with it.

In a nutshell, it reminds us of Bloodborne with vampires, and depending on how the plot and lore plays out, this could well be a good thing, though at the moment, the snippet we played through seemed very linear and overly filled with combos, but considering we got to play it in the midst of a crowded office, it may not be the fairest way to judge.

So have a look, listen to our more detailed commentary, and get your first glimpse of this intriguing new title. And if you want some other cracking video content, check out the rest of our Youtube channel, leave us a comment, and subscribe, so you never miss a thing.