“It was a difficult decision to make.”

Code Vein, the new vampire IP from Bandai Namco, has been delayed. Originally aiming for a release on September 28, the game has now been moved to a non-specific date in 2019.

Namco’s vice president of marketing and digital, Herve Hoerdt, said that the delay was based on the positive feedback from both players and media. He went on to say that the early reactions to the game pushed the team to want to “exceed” expectations for players. He wrapped up the statement, saying that: “was a tough decision to make, but we feel it was the correct one.”

Code Vein offers up a vampire anime-styled ARPG, showing off similar combat to Bloodborne and Dark Souls. We had a go on it during Namco’s Post-E3 show and gave some of our early impressions on what seemed like a pretty-much finished game.

As for when Code Vein will actually release on console and PC in 2019 isn’t known yet, and Namco has pulled Code Vein from their lineup at Gamescom later this year. But they have promised that players will get another chance to play soon.