Indie jungle, the mighty jungle.

Welcome back to another edition of the Indie News Roundup, our weekly segment that covers all the biggest stories from the ethereal realm of indie games. And with shows afoot, big updates on the horizon, and games on the way, there’s something for everyone; so let’s get to it.

What’s Next?: No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Update Arrives Next Week

Aw, No Man’s Sky, the game that promised so much, but flew too close to the sun before crashing and – well, not burning, but it was left smouldering. But since 2015, Hello Games have been tinkering away on the project, already delivering some updates that’s seen the game forgiven for its early hiccups.

Though it’s th update arriving next week, curiously entitled “Next” that has anyone who’s got a morsel of interest in the game fairly intrigued. Not only because the update will coincide with the Xbox One release of No Man’s Sky, but because it’s an update that brings a host of big changes.

And at the very top of that list is the introduction of multiplayer. Now,Hello Games burned themselves a little when they said the game was launched with multiplayer – something that was debunked withing the first few month’s of its launch. But now players can finally join up with each other in teams, run into one another when you’re out exploring, and apparently you’ll be able to create, use, and share race tracks across the surface of planets.

Along with the multiplayers update, there’ll also be tweaks to the basebuilding in the game, allowing players to build a larger number of bases on different planets, and there’s also improvements coming for the graphics, and the choice to play the game in thrid-person, if you’re a strange person who enjoys that.

Games of the Future – Today!: Develop Brighton Wraps Up Another Year

The latest Conference for Develop Brighton has been wrapped up for another year and we got a good look at a lot of talent – and a handful of games worth keeping an eye on. We’ll just be picking out one game that caught our eye, but you can see a top ten list from the good folk over at Indie Game News right now (or after you finish reading our roundup!)

If you’ve been waiting for a new point and click adventure, then how does this sound: a robot girl who’s out to save her town from a dark force, all whilst being set in a sci-fi punk that’s brimming with vibrant alien life and plants. Well, that’s what’s on offer in Growbot from Wabisabi Play. There’s still a ways to go until the game is released, with development about halfway through, but it certainly seems like something that’s going to scratch that point and click itch.

And Finally… Two Point Hospital Gets a Release Date

Speaking of scratching certain itches, it looks like those of you who’ve been waiting for a true return to those Hospital Tycoon sims won’t have to wait much longer, because Two Point Hospital will be arriving on August 30.

Taking inspiration from the classic sim games of yesteryear, Two Point Hospital will see you facing down a host of different and bizarre problems as a hospital administrator.

Along with the release date, we also got a shiny new trailer for the game, showing off the town’s sickest citizen Trevor, who’s suffering from a touch of cubism. The slick style of the game is sure to win over many a heart – as will the simply bizarre medical goings on the game has to offer. If you haven’t seen much of Two Point Hospital until this, then give the trailer a watch, it’s certainly worked for us!

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