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End of the week already, eh? Well, if you’ve been getting a bit too caught up in the rat race, or relaxing a bit too much since breaking up from uni or school, you can’t be blamed for maybe missing some of this week’s news for games. But don’t worry! Don’t even shed a tear, because we’ve got you covered with our collection of the big stories that are sometimes easy to miss.

The Memory Game: SSD Prices Set to Drop

Let’s start with the sexy stuff then… sorry. But according to PCGamesN, we may very well see the price of SSD storage dropping in the near future.

Now, any theoretical price drop would be because of a knock-on effect caused by further investment in NAND production from Samsung as they look to develop their quad-level cell (QLC) driver storage.

So, what does this mean for PC players? Well, as production of QLC increases, introducing a newer and more expensive alternative may very well see SSDs drop in price in a similar way that, say, cassette tapes became cheaper when CDs came on to the market. Of course, this is all still reliant on QLC becoming the norm for players looking for an extra kick when it comes to storage.

What’s Behind Hangar 13? Mafia 3 Team Tease New IP

During an interview with Fandom, Hangar 13’s president of development Andy Wilson confirmed that t he team were working on a whole new IP.

Since finishing development of Mafia 3, Wilson said that the team weren’t returning to that franchise this time around, instead going for something that “is something that I think is incredibly unique, but also something that I think is going to appeal to a hell of a lot of people.”

Other than some vague details, Wilson was tight-lipped about what the game would entail – or even how far along in development it was, only saying that any announcement was a “long way off.”

Guns, Glitz, and Glamour: Gay Tony Returns in GTA Online

The next update for GTA’s online playground called “After Hours”, which arrives on July 24, will see the return of GTA IV’s bombastic night club moogle, Gay Tony, returning to the scene.

Tony’s role in the game will be to help you – the already notorious bank-robbing, gun smuggling, criminal with an underground lair, become a nightclub owner – because, why not?

The new update will also bring a host of new music from the likes of Solomun, The Black Madonna, and more.

And Finally… Silent Hill 2 Player Uncovers more Secrets

17 long years since Silent Hill 2 was released, and players are still uncovering a couple of other secrets that the game had hidden away.

Explaining the secret on Twitter, user @punk_7890 explained that gaining the “Dog Ending” and entering a button combination unlocks a set of mini maps in-game. These maps were known before Punk7890’s discovery, but they were only accessible by fiddling with the game’s code. Along with the maps being unlocked, the button combination also allows players to save in-game at any time. It’s a pretty cool thing that, even after almost two decades, the iconic game is still hiding a handful of secrets.

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