Now is your chance to play as a vicious hamster.

The latest hero to join Overwatch has arrived! Play as Wrecking Ball, the 7th tank to join the team, as he swings into action this week.

Despite being a small, furry mammal, Wrecking Ball is something to be feared. Armed with his fearsome mech, his weapons systems include quad cannons, proximity mines, and more. This hero has plenty of crowd control to keep the battlefield under his paw, and additional tools such as a grappling claw and a shield enable him to protect his allies by swooping in and saving the day.

He’s already making quite the impression in game. Nearly every match has him on both teams, and it’s almost impossible to lock in as him unless you are the first person to load into the game.

Wrecking Ball is the latest of several new heroes introduced to Overwatch, as part of Blizzard’s ongoing content updates for the game.