We have the chit, you bring the chat.

Welcome back to another Community! It’s that oh-so-special time of the week when we flip the tables and get your opinion on a different topic each and every week. This week we’re looking for your opinions on a pretty big update to a game.

Community Q: What have you made of the No Man’s Sky Next update?

That’s right, this week saw the Xbox release of No Man’s Sky and at the same time developers, Hello Games released the game’s biggest update in Next. The update gives the game a pretty new graphics update and a bunch of new gameplay feature – and at the very top of that list is the long-awaited multiplayer feature. So, whether you’re an Xbox newbie or a PS4 or PC player coming back into the fray, we want to know what you make of the Next update. Drop us a message in the comments below or tell us on Twitter @ggsgamer.

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