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Welcome back to another indie news roundup. The time of the week when we put the spotlight on stories that tried to slip by, being the modest bastards that they are/ So, with a few games to keep an eye out for, let’s get to it.

It’s still not safe to go outside: Earthfall releases DLC Roadmap

Off the back of its release last month, alien infested Earthfall has announced its roadmap of free DLC for players.

The biggest news is that Earthfall will be getting a brand spanking new Horde mode in October, pitting players against waves of ever increasing aliens – they… they don’t give up, do they?

Along with the new game mode, August and September will also see new missions, outfits, and weapons arriving for the game. The first mission, optimistically called “Inferno,” will also see the arrival of two new aliens; the Fire Sapper and the Fire Spitter… awesome.

Holospark has promised there’s more to come from Earthfall – and if it’s all free then we say there’s room in this alien invasion for everyone!

Get Your Hands on it: The Long Dark Set for September Physical Release

Having already garnered a fairly decent bit of attention, wilderness survival game The Long Dark will be getting a physical release on September 4 for the US and September 7 for Europe.

The game sees you trying to survive in the aftermath of an “unknown geometric disaster” what that means is something I don’t know, go and ask a geographer or something.

The physical copies of the game will come with a download code for the game’s soundtrack and a map of the in0game Bear Island.

Out of Early Access: Terra Tech Arrives Next Week

Having become a little too cosy in Early Access, the time for Payload’s Terra Tech to be ripped from its basket and thrown into the big scary world is just around the corner as the game’s release on August 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC draws ever closer.

If you haven’t heard of the game before, our Stewart had a grand old time with the games, saying that the freedom the game gives you and the potential for the game’s creative parts to rival the like of Lego Worlds – because if you’ve played something like Minecraft or Lego Worlds, then you’ll be familiar with the kind of game that Terra Tech is.

But, with a vibrant design, and a style that isn’t acid-induced block pixels, Terra Tech seems to offer a nice change of pace to what you’d find on Minecraft

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