Because it wasn’t like you were going to be productive or anything, right?

After the announcement of two expansions last week, there’s now a free weekend up for grabs! From August 2nd – August 6 2018, you’ll be able to play all of Amplitude Studios’ games for free via Steam, running from Thursday at 8:00 PST / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST through Monday at 10 AM PST / 18:00 BST / 17:00.

If you already have these games, not to worry, as there’s Stretch Goals up on the free weekend website, based on the number of hours played across the event – factoring in all of the available games. Last year, 240,000 people participated, unlocking all six reward tiers, and this year, there’s a Community Challenge. You’ll need to play Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, or Endless Space 2, and reach one million hours of collective playtime to help the community unlock all the rewards. These will include a Cravers Prime skin that was only available during Early Access, and as stretch goals, six additional fleet skins to unlock.

There are a handful of games on offer to play; Endless Space 2, where you’ll take your civilisations to the stars and try not to become galactic overlord, because the neighbours don’t really like it, and then there’s Endless Legend, where it’s a fantastical strategy game to try and save your people on the dying world of Auriga. Cult favourite Dungeon of the Endless is also on the cards, a pixellated, rogueish, tower defence game, which has you trying to find your way out of procedurally generated dungeons, whilst protecting the generator of your crashed ship. Finally, there’s Endless Space, the game that started it all! It introduced the Endless Universe with its haunting atmosphere, so it’s well worth a try.

There have also been two expansions released by Amplitude Games, and this one has been developed by NGD Studios – Endless Legend: Inferno, which has a brand new faction known as the Kapaku, a new volcanic terrain type, and a mysterious event known as the dust eclipse. You can get this expansion here for a 10% launch discount.

Next up is Endless Space 2: Supremacy, where our favorite chickens, the Hissho, have come back to roost as a major faction, as well as a new class of ships called Behemoths that can be customised to serve different functions. You can order it here from Steam with the 10% launch discount, or buy both expansions bundled for a 20% launch discount.