A new fighter has entered the ring.

The first big news to come out of Nintendo Direct was the introduction of Castlevania’s Simon Belmont as a new fighter.

The iconic game character will be joining the fray and he’s bringing his weird metal whip thing with him. But that’s not all kiddos! Because Simon will also be coming with his own stage in the shape of Dracula’s Castle – we’re guessing he’s just Airbnb’d it for the game.

Dracula’s Castles will come with 34 songs from the Castlevania soundtrack, and boasts a weird little record; being the darkest of any Super Smash Bros game, cool?

And whilst Nintendo were a little cryptic about specifics, it seems like Dracula will be able to show up when the conditions of a match are just right – but they gave no other information apart from that.

There’s plenty more news to come from Nintendo’s Direct show today, so make sure you check back for more soon!