Hint: it’s being released in 2019.

The latest instalment of the Football Manager series will arrive on PC, mobile, tablets, and Mac on November 2.

Returning with a new look and new features, the hardcore sports sim is looking to build on its years of success with a fully licensed Bundesliga (the German league if you’re not sure) and a design overhaul.

We’re fairly light on specifics at the moment, but Sega has said there’ll be more news to follow in late September. And we’ve already got some idea of just how gargantuan these changes will be because – and brace yourself – the “Manager Man” of the usual box cover is no more! Instead, we’ll be getting a shot from the manager’s perspective… does… does that mean Football Manager 2019 will be VR compatible!? Probably not.

The game is available for pre-order now, with the chance to play a beta version if you pick up the pre-order.

So, will you be jumping back into Football Manager 2019? And will you be able to “manage” without the Manager Man? Let us know in the comments!