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Hello! And – as we say every week, welcome back to another edition of the indie news roundup; our weekly segment that covers the need-to-know news from the gritty world of indie gaming. This week, we’re looking at what’s coming up, whether that’s in a few days, months – or stuff that’s already out… so it’s not really “going anywhere”… oh man, am I “going anywhere?” Let’s start before my existential crisis goes any further.

New Game on the Block: Unavowed hits Digital Shelves

A new supernatural point and click adventure has hit digital shelves in the shape of Unavowed. Bringing back all the pleasures the genre has to offer whilst throwing in some decision making for good measure.

Offering up a tantalising retro design, Unavowed seems to have struck a pretty good balance with nostalgia and innovation. And our Sarah seemed to enjoy it in our review of the game, saying that: ‘the combination of the attachment you form with the characters as well as the sometimes heart-wrenching decisions you’ll have to make are what drive it forward. And it’s not necessarily as clear cut as you’d think.” So, whilst there might be a lot you’ve seen before in Unavowed, it might be just the thing if you’ve been looking for a new point and click.

Old Game, New Look: Minit Arrives on the Switch

The hit adventure game Minit – where you play the game 60 seconds at a time before you’re little life comes to an end – has arrived for the Switch today!

The game garnered a huge amount of attention when it released on PC and console a couple of months back thanks to its clever use of gameplay, world design, and puzzles. Add to that a sublime minimalist design and a nice dollop of humour and Minit is the perfect addition for your Switch. If you want a bit more of an opinion on it, why not take a look at our review? Or if you’re looking for some early tips, then take a look at our guide for coin locations in the game.

Games within Games: Arcade Spirits Set for 2019

Who remembers the 80’s? I don’t. But Fiction Factory Games do and it’s why they’ve created a genre-defying Arcade Spirits. Describing itself as a romance comedy visual novel, Arcade Spirit imagines a world where the videogame crash of the 80’s never happened. Instead, the arcade industry is booming and you’re right in the middle of it.

Based on 80’s sitcoms about the workplace, Arcade Spirits will have you pursuing love with – if the game is to be believed – anyone you want. You’ll be able to see how your status with other characters changes based on your interactions throughout the game, whether it’s romantic or platonic.

A demo version of Arcade Spirits is available now on Steam with the game’s full release set for 2019.

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