Three is the magic number.

Sega and Creative Assembly’s Total War: Three Kingdoms turn-based strategy title shows off some of its campaign map in the latest trailer for the game. Featuring Sun Jian, The Tiger of Jiangdong, he finds the fabled Imperial Seal, a legendary artefact said to find its way to the true emperor. Believing destiny has chosen him to rule, he gathers his children to his side to go into battle against the current ruling emperor.

In the cinematic trailer, we get glimpses of the campaign map as the warlord’s march across the kingdom and do battle against their rivals. Showcasing the vibrant landscape, we get to see the beauty of ancient China.

Historically, the Sun family played a vital role in the Three Kingdoms period by establishing the kingdom of Sun Wu; and this is where their dynastic journey began and is one of the campaigns that we get to play.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will launch in Spring 2019, for PC