A journey through time and space.

The first episode of surreal sci-fi adventure “Elea” will be getting its official launch on PC (via Steam) and Xbox One on September 6, 2018. Having already been on Steam Early Access for a little while, producers Soedesco and developer Kyodai are confident, that thanks to the community feedback Elea has received, they have been able to finish and fine-tune the game experience.

“Thanks to the community’s enthusiasm and help, we have been able to finish and fine-tune the game based on their wishes and good advice. We are now confident that we can present Elea in its best form for the full release on Xbox One and Steam” said community manager Marten Buijsse.

Inspired by the likes of classic sci-fi writers such as Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert. Kyodai created a story-driven first-person adventure that takes you on an enormous journey through time and space. As we can see from the trailer, that journey takes us through some mind-boggling scenery, with some truly stunning visuals.

Elea will be available on PC and Xbox One from September 6, 2018.