Gameplay and character creation info, all in one place.

Ahead of its release on August 31, 2018, Bandai Namco have released a new trailer for Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition, with a ton of new information and features to show off.

The newest trailer shows off the detailed character creation mechanics, where players can choose from six unique origin plots, as well as additional footage of crafting, conversation choices, and a taste of the game’s newly expanded dialogue – also featured in the game’s completely re-written third chapter.

There’s also footage of the battle gameplay, including all new moves, spells, and environments to use against enemy weaknesses, the split screen co-op, and revamped Arena Mode, which features solo gameplay, online multiplayer PVP, and pass-the-controller Hot Seat mode. Arena Mode also introduces 16 characters to the game, including the debut of new playable characters such as Malady, Zandalor, and Radeka, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities.

Excited? Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition will release on August 31, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the interview with the Kieron Kelly we did at the post E3 showcase!