One last gambit to save the game?

The first major expansion for Destiny 2 – Forsaken – was showcased at Gamescom this week. And along with this new expansion, we got a first look at the all-new game mode; Gambit.

Gambit offers a mixture of PvP and PvE gameplay in a mish-mash of killing monsters and invasion. Basically, players will be split into two teams, each team will go around, murdering aliens in order to collect “Motes”, what are motes? Who cares! Oh, you care. Motes seem to be the currency for the mode, which you’ll use to get “blockers.” Blockers will then allow you to invade the opposing team’s patch of land and from there the mode turns into a straight up kill or be killed.

Gambit, from what I understand, seems to incorporate a mixture of operational matches from the likes of Battlefield and bounty hunt modes from shooters. Whether or not it’s enough to bring players back to Destiny 2 remains to be seen – but Vikki certainly hopes it does, because the game is pretty much just her at the moment. Poor Vikki.

The Forsaken expansion arrives on September 4 for console and PC.